Scene functional penetration of women's underwear

Underwear is known as the last piece of cake in the clothing industry. Under the premise of numerous and mature brands in the market, why is capital still pouring into this track? Is the function degradation of the existing brands, or does

Underwear is known as the last piece of cake in the clothing industry. Under the premise of numerous and mature brands in the market, why is capital still pouring into this track? Is the function degradation of the existing brands, or does the change of market demand lead to new industry opportunities?
In order to let you know more about women's underwear, Qingtong capital launched "sexy marketing, do women still eat this set?" at the early stage of the paper, it combs the basis of women's underwear industry. After that, Wen Xiaoping, founder of Roumei brand, was invited to share the development prospect of underwear collection store mode.
In this issue, Qingtong capital invited Huang Yinxi, founder and CEO of livary Mio's underwear, to share with you from the perspective of the origin, development and scene function of women's underwear.

Origin and evolution of underwear
Historically, modern underwear originated in the West. In the 16th century, the 19th century and the 20th century, there were several symbolic time points of underwear development
In the process of underwear development, the underwear form which seems to be determined by aesthetic orientation has a fundamental connection with the social economy and ideology in the process of historical development, reflecting the lifestyle, cultural customs and mainstream aesthetics of contemporary women at that time.
After that, Western underwear developed in a hundred flowers and aesthetic diversity, and bra with and without steel rims also went hand in hand for many years.
Development and trend of underwear market in China
Back in the early 1990s, at that time, domestic underwear brands such as Gu Jin, AI Mu and manifen gradually occupied the women's underwear market, and became the bra brand of post-80s girls' enlightenment with two foreign brands, dianfen and wargol.
It was the mainstream aesthetic at that time to make the chest full of vision. Until around 2010, the design of underwear in China has gradually evolved into a more cohesive adjustable bra. Through wide shoulder belt, wide side to back ratio and multiple rows of back hook design, it can fully squeeze chest fat and fix chest shape, so as to achieve the effect of "visual cup lifting". There are even brands with the main function of "directly upgrading from cup a to cup C". "Career line" has become one of the important standards of femininity.
The reason is that 20 years ago, the domestic women's clothing brand just started, and the style of women's wear is relatively single. The function of underwear is only reflected in holding the chest, which is lack of aesthetic cognition. At that time, the aesthetic orientation was still dominated by men, and "her power" had not yet risen. Therefore, the consciousness of taking big breasts as beauty was deeply rooted in women's cognition after 70 and before 85.
Since 2012, with the post-90s becoming the main consumer of women, the mainstream values of women have also changed a lot. Women pay more and more attention to chest health, and healthy and comfortable materials are also favored by them. Paying attention to women's internal feelings has gradually become the mainstream trend of ideology. Underwear brands at home and abroad without steel ring, minimalist style, natural color become a new aesthetic orientation, rapid increase.
The constraints of hard steel bra on the chest and the difficulty in choosing the size make young women extremely exclude the bra with steel ring, and the pursuit of comfort makes them more willing to choose the bra without steel ring.
According to Ali's data, the sales ratio of rimless and rimmed bras in 2017 has been close to 7:3. From July 2016 to June 2017, the sales volume of rimless bras on tmall and Taobao platforms was three times that of rimmed bras. From the adjustable type with steel rims to the comfortable type without steel rims, the choice of Chinese women's underwear has actually transited from extreme restraint to extreme comfort.
The essential structure of underwear
Throughout the development and evolution of underwear, it is always a functional product. In the era of single coat style, underwear only needs to meet the basic functions.
Modern young women in different life scenes, underwear also need to meet the matching needs of different scenes, comfort and sexy are indispensable. Underwear is no longer a simple basic item to wear inside. It extends from back dressing, bra dressing, and even breast care to home clothes, such as pajamas, home leisure, outer wear, and even make-up morning clothes. The needs of various scenes begin to be subdivided.
Underwear from a functional product to a female self satisfied emotional goods, from the male aesthetic orientation, to the pursuit of comfortable, cool sex trend, as well as self-confidence, real sex appeal, all these reflect the power of women's freedom.
Livarymio's underwear solution
Underwear needs to meet all the above subdivision needs. How will it develop in the future? We will analyze it from a professional point of view.
In terms of material: the traditional hard steel ring has always been the pain point after 90 and 95. The essence of the steel ring is a fixed shape made according to each different chest chassis. Each person's steel ring should be unique. Should everyone have their own customized steel rims?
It's not. We use the memory function of nickel titanium alloy memory steel ring, increase the tolerance rate of steel ring, meet the user's demand for comfort, while maintaining the functionality of bra against the chest, there are more scenarios. Nickel titanium alloy memory steel ring, a new material, can overcome and even subvert the uncomfortable pain point of traditional hard steel ring.
In terms of size: 75B, 75c and other traditional bra sizes are actually equal scale scaling under the industrial grading system, which is not completely accurate. In fact, there are more different chest sizes between BC cups. Simply solving the tolerance of steel ring material is not.